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  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication of the Brno University of Technology
    would like to invite you to

    24th International Conference
    Advanced Batteries, Accumulators and Fuel Cells [ABAF 24]

    August 27th - 30th, 2023
    Brno University of Technology
    Technická 12, Brno
    Czech Republic

    Transport to Brno

    Brno has its own small airport, but there are only a few flights a day from summer holiday locations (see its Brno Airport website), primarily operated by RyanAir and SmartWings. The easiest and fastest way to Brno is via the airports in Prague (Czech Republic) or Vienna (Austria), eventually Bratislava (Slovakia). There are comfortable public transport options from all three airports to Brno, that take from 2:30 hours (from Vienna) to 3:30 hours (from Prague).

    Transport from Prague

    The distance between the capital city of Prague and Brno is 200 km and the cities are connected by the D1 highway. There are many train and bus connections between them.

    The train ride from Prague "Hlavni nadrazi" train station to Brno takes 2:30 hours and is operated by two companies: national Czech Railways (about 30 trains per day) and private RegioJet (about 10 trains per day).

    The bus ride from Prague "Florenc" bus station to Brno takes also 2:30 hours and the most buses are operated by two private companies, RegioJet (about 10 buses per day) and FlixBus (about 10 buses per day).

    Concerning the transport from the Prague Airport to the Prague "Hlavni nadrazi" train station or the Prague "Florenc" bus station, travellers can use the Airport Express bus, go by the Prague public transport, by taxi (e.g. AAA Taxi Praha, tel. +420 222 333 222) or by Uber. All these options should take 40-60 minutes.

    Transport from Vienna (Austria)

    The distance between Vienna and Brno is 135 km and both countries are in the EU Schengen area, so there are no regular border controls on the way. The easiest ride to Brno is by bus which goes directly from the Vienna "Schwechat" airport to Brno center in 2:30 hours. The route is operated by RegioJet (6 buses per day) and by FlixBus (5 buses per day). Train ride from the Vienna train station to Brno takes only 1:30 hours and is operated by the Czech Railways (about 15 trains per day) and RegioJet (3 trains per day), but people first need to use a local train to get from the Vienna airport to the Vienna train station (15 minutes ride). Some trains are going directly from the Vienna airport.

    Transport from Bratislava (Slovakia)

    The distance between Bratislava and Brno is 130 km, the cities are connected by a highway and there are also no border controls on the way. A bus ride takes 1:45 hours and is again operated by FlixBus (10 buses per day) and RegioJet (2 buses per day). Train ride takes only 1:30 hours and is operated by the Czech Railways (about 15 trains per day) and RegioJet (3 trains per day). In both cases, people need to get from the airport to the center by the Bratislava public transport bus no. 61 (25 minutes ride), by taxi (e.g. Fun Taxi) or by Uber.

    Transport in Brno

    The Brno public transport system consists of trams, buses and trolley buses, operating 24 hours a day. A short ride (below 15 minutes) costs 20 CZK, a long ride (up to 90 minutes) costs 27 CZK. A public transport paper ticket needs to be purchased before entering the vehicle from a ticket machine or convenience store and stamped immediately after entry.

    People arriving to Brno by bus (to the "Grand" bus station) or train ("Brno Hlavni nadrazi" train station) can take a tram number 1 from the "Brno Hlavni nadrazi" train station (direction "Reckovice"), exit after 2 stops at the "Moravske namesti" tram stop and walk through the park to "Kounicova" street and hotel Continental (400 m).

    Other transport options are represented by Uber or some taxi service (e.g. City Taxi Brno, tel. +420 777 014 004). A short ride from the Brno "Grand" bus station (where the most RegioJet and FlixBus buses come to) to the conference premises / Hotel Continental is only about 1.1 km long and should cost about 100-150 CZK. When people do not call a taxi service, but take a taxi standing on the street, the price can be much higher.